S-Line – Beasty Toys Easy Elephant

cv-1674960003My wife and I have a huge collection of novelty sex toys. The stranger the better for us and the ‘fun’ toys are our favourites. I was browsing an online adult toy shop and came across the S-Line Beasty Toys Easy Elephant {view here}. The top of the Easy Elephant cock ring has elephant ears and eyes that light up and vibrate against the clit. At the bottom of the ring is the vibrating elephant trunk, perfectly placed for anal teasing.

You can purchase this toy from one of my favourite on line stores SexToys247.net.au – imho the best online sex toy shop.

I ordered the toy right …

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Modern Courting

imagesWhen someone mentions courting it’s likely that images of Victorian couples sitting on benches pop into your mind. Modern courting is much different than traditional courting, though it does have a much stricter structure than dating. I became aware of modern courting practices after I met my wife.

A video of techniques

We’d worked together for several years but our company had a strict policy against dating coworkers. When I accepted a position at another company the first thing I did was visit my future wife’s office and asked her to dinner. That’s when she explained to me that she came from a very traditional family, and her religious beliefs …

Getting Back into the Dating Game?! – Important Points to Keep in Mind


So, you were recently dumped by your long-time girlfriend?! No need to hang your head in shame and depression. How would you meet the right girl if you don’t learn from these experiences? We need to keep dating and trying hard, in order to find that special girl with whom we can spend the rest of our life.

Throw yourself back into the dating game and start your quest all over again. The first thing you must do is try meeting new people. Internet is overflowing with websites offering tremendous possibilities of getting acquainted with new women.

Join some website which focuses on your special interests and can get you …

Taking care of your prostate

pha067000051Many men don’t like to think about anything to do with prostate cancer or screening. It conjures up horrific thoughts of anal probing. Prostate cancer is very serious and can be avoided if the correct measures are taken to prevent it. Here are just a few tips

Regular Screening

To heal a disease you first have to know that it exists. Catching any problem with the prostate early is the key to prostate health and also to fighting prostate cancer. An annual prostate screening is recommended for men over 45. If you have a family history of prostate cancer then screenings should start earlier. As inconvenient as it may be …

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X30 Hydro Pump and Kit

cv-1843450007 (1)I was NOT blessed with a naturally large cock. In fact I’m so embarrassed by my size that I don’t shower at the gym. My wife insists that she’s happy with our sex life but I knew she would be more satisfied by a bigger cock.

We started using a girth enhancement sleeve a few months ago and she made noises I’d never heard from her before. I was happy she enjoyed the sleeve but still wished I could please her like that by myself. That’s when I started researching penis pumps. I found a huge assortment online, ranging in price from $19.95 to over $400.00.

I began researching the …

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Pipedream Extreme Super Cyber Snatch Pump

cv-1751500009I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of using a penis pump. I’m average size and would love to add a few inches to my length and girth. I’ve always imagined that using a pump would be more uncomfortable than pleasurable but then I found the Pipedream Extreme Super Cyber Snatch Pump.

This toy is a pump and a masturbation sleeve at the same time! The Super Cyber Snatch Pump is a lot more affordable than most of the other pumps on the market so I decided to try it out. I’m so glad I did! This toy has done wonders for my penis size. The sleeve is soft and …

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Challenges Faced While Dating Younger Women

BLD019381-1The challenges faced while dating younger women are not as much about the physical fitness as they are about the differences in the perspectives on life related issues, hobbies and ideas. Younger women have no problems dating an older man provided he’s moderately fit and doesn’t bear the appearance of an old shoe. The problems that often come in the way are more related to generational views which are usually difficult to overcome.

To start with, never walk into a relationship with the feeling that you are at a disadvantage. Although you may have more wrinkles and grey hair, it is these signs of maturity only that women get attracted …

Book Smart Perfecting Your Stroke For Him Kit

cv-1762100007My wife and I run a small advertising agency. We work long hours; when we get home we barely have the energy to change into pajamas before we go to bed. As our business has grown our sex life has all but disappeared. We share a large office at the agency, complete with a small refrigerator and divan for the nights we don’t make it home.

Last week I noticed a new book on our bookshelf: Perfecting Your Stroke by Kyle Brewer. I was confused. Neither my wife nor I play golf. I thought for a moment that she’d put it on the shelf to impress clients and quickly forgot …

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Is She “The One”?

emmastone-lgSome people claim that when you meet the woman you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with, you instinctively know that she’s “the one”. Others don’t believe in such “love at first sight” nonsense and insist that it takes a year or longer to know a woman is “the one”.

The truth is falling in love is different for everyone. Whether you’ve been with your girlfriend two weeks or two years, here are some signs that she’s “the one”.

  1. You miss her and look for her when she isn’t there. Imagine this scenario: You’re out drinking with friends and hear a hilarious joke. Do you instinctively look for

Tenga Egg Variety Pack (6 In 1)

ss-1000000164At our house Easter is exclusively about the kids. My wife makes them elaborate baskets every year and after church we go to several different egg hunts. Last year I was surprised when my wife brought home an extra, small basket; when I asked her about it she gave me a naughty smile and told me it was a surprise.

and, also

The Saturday before Easter I walked into our bedroom and found the smaller basket sitting on our bed, holding what looked like six oversized plastic Easter Eggs. Upon further inspection I realized that my wife had bought me the Tenga Egg Variety Pack. Each egg contained a stretch …

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